Sat, September 24 – Underwater

Now, we go to swim every days. And as soon as it’s not raining, as soon as the weather it’s not too cloudy, windy and the sea too wavy, we take the underwater camera. Because it’s not always obvious to identify the lovely marine creatures in the spot : fishs flees, and waves and the foam carry us away of the shore.

Far over of the hurly burly of the base, the hurly burly of the hasty waves, soaring and strenging on the rock seems to me comforting. Arguably because now, I’m used to join the sea daily. I’m used to take off all my clothes on the beach, I’m used to pull up my swin swit and my cozy wetsuit. I’m used to walk, clumsy, until the wooden deck from which is docked a fisherman’s boat. I tight my mask and slip into the freezy water.

With Jeroen, a Belgian who assesses the biodiversity index and studies how fishs fit them into new ecosystem, we are itching to create a a picture piscirium. Unless someone find another way, it is at the moment the best solution to study fish and learn the diffrent shapes of snort of bodys, the colour of their hue… I’m getting into since I’m looking at it.

But stop speaking, here are some pictures of our underwater surveys (not too blurry or fuzzy I hope)

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