Thu-Fri, September 22&23 – Unforgetable moment

This two days, I took two days off (we can take 3days off a month).

Burlyn, Hannah, Jessica and Aline was renting a car and they invite me to come with them to go around the island.

First step, Kokkari. Allthough all the town of the island are very small (except Vathi and Pyt), Kokkari is anyway such a scanty town (excepting the stunning and freaky church)

After doing anyway few errants (even the grocery weas homely), we reach the second city : Karlovasi.

Fortunatly we found a biggest shop here and come in to have enough food for the whole week end. That’s a relief ! 

And then we took a nap on the beach, because we knew that we’ll have to hike a lot after.

We drove a pretty long time on steep coastal road until a dead end where we left the car.

Cetani beach is a huge wild beach only reachable by walking. 

However we were too late and it was already the sunset.

Therefore, it was wiser to stop hiking and sleep here : all of us have hardly never hiked during the night.

Thereby, we came down closer to the shoreline and found a tiny beach (such more comfortable than the craggy moutain way) with caves and decided to sleep here. Anyhow, we fell asleep.

It was such a great night. Clammy but wonderful. Beneath the shooting stars and beneath the moon. Magic. And it’s still a beady memory.

It’s only at the sunrise that we saw how the place was beautiful. Hasty cheerly waves soared on the rocks, the mist was evaporating, all the nature was getting up. And our tiny beach was not only a heap of sand but a lagoon. Marvellous.

Bags packed, we explored some of the caverns and left to Cetani beach.

Finally, befire coming back to the base, for the next and last step, we felt like going to the famous Potami Waterfall. Zippy, we reached this beautiful place by following a bumpy way (even if it was paltry compares to the hike of the previous day).

I havn’t been taking my camera because we were most of the time in the water. So… the only way to see some pictures of it, is to click here.

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