Sat, August 18 – Beach clean up.

One time a month, we join the local community to clean beaches. Today, an important place : …. The beach where the crossing between Turkey and Greece is the shorter. Less than 2km. Thus, a lot of asile seeker try to enter in Europe by this cross.

However, it exists to differents kind. Firstable Syrian. Then, all the other migrants.

The Syrian cross secretly during the daytime. Almost arrived, they deflate their zodiac and wait for someone : the greek law compel the citizens to help someone who’s drowning. But deflate their zodiac before waiting for the police emergency is necessary for refugees if they want to stay in Greece and not to be bring back to Turkey. Obviously,  most of the time they have to wait a lot and some of them couldn’t  swim too much exhausted and drown.

Currently the police army is present everywhere : sky, roads, cities…

Otherwise, if they’re not Syrians, migrants have any chance to be agreeded legally in an european country. Indeed, they’re not considered as refugees as Syrians. Even if they come form war areas (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan…). These migrants cross in the night, blindly, and climb Samos mountains to be safe and to be not found by the police. If they’re enclosed in the refugees camp of Vathi, they cannot log out anymore. Arrived in the forest mountains,  they keep waiting… for a better future. 

But I dont’ want to talk about it now. Look at the pictures. It’s gonna be more sensful. 

We had a lot of work : fishing net, safe vests, anchor, zodiac… So much things to pull up !

Balloon are necessary to pull up all the wastes.

Above, it’s only one of the zodiac full of waste. A zodiac left by refugees…

In total we fill out three big dump trucks as this one.

If I don’t have time to add more pictures, you can see more if you click here !

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