Thu, September 8 – Join the Marine Conservation 

Until yesterday I had to help all the teams.

Finally, today Anastasia, the scientist director, has agreeded to integrate me in a specific team. I had the choice. Of course, if I wanted to see stunning views and to live extraordinary experiences, I should choose the Marine Mammal Team. Dolphins, seals, sea turtles… It looks like great. However I have prefered the Marine Conservation. Merely because most of the people sum up the sea to big mammals. Nevertheless we often forget that the wealth, the loveliness and the treasures of the sea, result from the work of tiny things and other again tinier. To be involved in the MC is a single chance to discover this world : the world of tiny things which build bigger one. Algeas, fish, seagrasses, invert mammal… therefore, a new adventure starts now. 

First work : learn how to identify species of fish to don’t have to think a lot when we’ll see them during our surveys. 

Thus, the eight judgement criterions are about their fins (dorsal and caudal), their body (shape, size, coloration), their living area (habitat and position in the water column) and finally, their behaviour. So much things to learn !

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