Sat, September 3 – Pythagorio

As I’ve already said it to you, most of the actual people of Archipelagos are leaving soon (some of them are even already left).

Thereby, in order to celebrate their leaving, Keara and Gizem (a Turkish girl) suggested me to join them for their last evening in Pythagorio.

Great opportunity to tell you a bit more informations about the second biggest city of Samos, isn’t it ?

Maybe, firtly, some geografical details can help you.

Probably you’ve already heard things about this city but you forgot them. Why have you already heard about it ? Because it’s obviously the born city of Pythagore, the antique mathematician !

Thus, on one of the seawalls of the harbour we can see a statue, raised for him. 

Furthermore, Pythagorio is undoubtely the most famous town of Samos. Its large and sunny streets are full of shops and its renowned harbour shaped like round, all aroud the bay, shade countless boats. 

Nevertheless, what I prefer is the snorkeling. Indeed, few meters further Pyth, we’re used to flow down the road to arrive front of the sea, in a tiny and clean beach hidden behind rocks.

There are not so much fishes and most of the waves, made by the ships who go back to the harbour, reaches us. It’s defenetly not my favorite beach. Not enough wild, not enough quiet. But it’s so usefull !

However, for Greeks and tourists, Pyth is above all, one of the most famous cities of Aphrodite. The vestiges of her temple testify of the shadow of the greatness remain of the city.

Finally, torn between joy (to be still together) and sadness (to leave us soon), we met and listened a choral who was singing near to the sea. 

And we came back to the base by foot (because we didn’t succeed to hitchhiking)

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