Wed, August 31 – At the office

I havn’t already shown our base. So, let’s explore our offices !

So, we’re almost starting at the hotel ; actually this is one of our views of Turkey from our room.

Here is a bit further : we go down, we follow the road and arrive in front of the Archipelagos Institute of Samos. We cross the wood gate and disover the garden of the base. The building is huge : four stories, fifteen bedrooms, one living basement, one living room, three big offices, one laundry, one kitchen, one outside kitchen, one living room (to watch movies), several terrasses and balconies, one librairy and… that’s all !

Here is the outside office, a kind of veranda. This’s the meeting point too, where everyone presents on the Friday his/her work of the week. If you walk up staircases on the left, you’re going to arrive in the kitchen.

Both of them (the office in front of the bay window and this one behind) are thus of Kleopatra, Aïcha, Anastasia, Karlos and Niko, the directors of the different teams.

And the last room : the biggest and second office where most of us study. My spot is next to the one of two Turkishs girls : Gizem and Özge.

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