Mon, 29 August – Under the tiny culvert

On the way to the Cash and Carry, where most of us buy fruits, there is a little bridge. It doesn’t look like it but it’s a quite weird place. On the ground, the road is cracked, and the guardrail ruined. Here, no one don’t ever take care of the plants and a lot of huge reeds has been growing ; today they can reaches three meters -at least.Thereby, when we’re crossing the culvert, we can’t see the horizon and at evening, the sun disappears below the reeds instead of below the hills. Hidden in the reed forest, a stream flows slowly and quietly. Wild. It’s seems so wild. And it is. Between the grey and green stones, the bugs swarm. The reflexion of the sun glistens and sparkles on the fresh water. And the bugs, frogs and fishes abound. Something slithers on the left side, where the rocks are the biggest one. And something crawls. It slips, it drips, it digs, it mumbles and it sibles and probably everything in the same time. 

Actually this culvert is one of the best hidden place of our local part of Samos.

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