Fri, August 26 – About the differents teams

Actually, I realised the few informations you had about Archipelagos. And even if I’ll post on my site some differents web site you could visite, I’d like to explain you a bit the severeal teams of our Institute. However, as I didn’t exactly know how could I do it , I choose a really simple way :


Jackals team : I have already said a lot of things about this team : in fact, they often work in the lab or on the computer to analyze the Jackal’s datas (fur, dung or obviously, pictures)

Chameleons team : Once more time, their name suggests a lot about us. Their actual project is to study chameleon’s habitat and what can threat them ; Samos is the last island with chameleons in Greece and they are an endangered species because of  buildings (urbanization, road… which destroy their habitat) and pesticides.

Landscape team : One month ago, a wildfire has burnt a large part of the biggest mountain forest of Samos. Fortunately,  firemen and firewomen succeeded to put it out. However, they have used salt water and yet, plants grow up with difficulties. Hence the researches of the landscape team to discover how the salt affects the plants of Samos and find a solution for the next wildfire.


Marine mammal team : Dolphins and seals ; the mainst aim of the Marine mammal team is to protect the biggest wild marine mammal of Samos. I’ll give you later more informations about Agereo, the monk seal of Samos. Yet, about dolphins, I can explain you that the Marine Mammal Team tries to know why some of them strand on the beaches of Samos.

Marine conservation team : Besides of the aim of the Marine Mammal Team, the Marine Conservation studies seabirds (as seagulls). Moreover they clean up beaches and seagrasses and fishes. 

Microplastics team : This one is not a big team but there is a lot of work. Whenever someone find a ded animal, the student of the team have to anatomize it (chiefly the birds) in order to know if the animal died because of plastics in its stomach. Samples around the beaches have to be done too.

Algea team : Usually the Algea team works most of the time in Lipsi to study how fight some invader species of algeas which have been coming here not a long time ago. (I don’t know what do they do exactly because we don’t often see them. I believe it’s because their work is the most technical and they’re almost professional scientists).


GIS team : they take care of the mapping. Usually, they create maps for the other teams. Otherwise, they’ve their own projects too. Currently, they study the island of Lipsi because Archipelagos will build a dolphin sanctuary here.

Medias team : As its name suggests, this team work on the communication. Photos, radio, Web site, YouTube,  Instagram, Facebook… Archipelagos uses a lot of differents way of communication. Lately, they even have created a TV spot which is broadcasted on the national public canal !

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