Mon, 22 August – Renewable energies

Je crois que j’ai un peu le tournis. Le tournis des voyages ? Le malaise des aventures ? Peut-être que je me rends compte de mon choix ? Peut-être que je doute de moi ? Mais se remettre en question peut aider, alors j’espère que demain tout ira mieux.

Today, Bikem, a Turkish student, show us (the two Deutchs and me) the laboratory of the team of  Renewable Energies, even if they work outside too. Actually, at the moment, their main aim is to permit to the base to works only thanks to the sun, the wind, and the water. Big deal, great project. 

However, they’ve an other work too : find how transform without electricity saled water in drinkable water. For the moment the water transformed is only used to irrigate plants (but it’s really useful on an island !).

On this last photo, you can see on the bottom left corner the waterable machine. It’s working is so simple : just open the lid, pour sea water inside and wait for the sun which will vaporize the watter, without the salt. Then, the water flow inside of the cover and drip in a kind of bottle as you can see on the border of the picture

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